By:Dana Fawcett, RHN

How To Shovel Snow To Prevent Injury?
Winter is here, and that means that snow shoveling may be in your near future. If you`re not careful, you could suffer from cold exposure, muscle fatigue and strain, and potentially a more serious injury, commonly involving the lower back. Shoveling snow can leave you feeling stiff and sore, but it doesn`t have to. Following some simple tips can help to prevent injury, and who knows you might even enjoy the fresh air!
By: Shaina McQuilkie, B.Kin., D.C.

Top 10 Questions About Flu Shot Answered by Dr. Gregson
Dr Daniel Gregson, past president of the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada (AMMI), answers your questions about the flu shot.
By: Chandra Lye

Feeling anxious lately? Maybe its Donald Trump
The unthinkable has happened and Donald Trump is the president of United States. This election was nothing like any in the past. Election anxiety was exceptionally higher than ever before.
By: Kimberly Jones, RN, BScN, MNursing, CPMHN, CBS GDip

Fever Facts: Causes, and Treatments
Just like how a thermostat regulates room temperature, the hypothalamus, an almond shaped organ located at the base of the brain, regulates body temperature.
By: Ruchi Chaube Ph.D.

Got the Winter Blues? Don`t Worry! There is Relief in Sight!
Has the snow, sleet and slush got you down this winter? Are you missing the sun on your face and your feet in flipflops? Do you notice that you feel down as soon as the cold weather hits?
By: Kimberly Jones, RN, BScN, MNursing, CPMHN, CBS GDip


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