Feeling anxious lately? Maybe its Donald Trump

By: Kimberly Jones, RN, BScN, MNursing, CPMHN, CBS GDip
The unthinkable has happened and Donald Trump is the president of United States. This election was nothing like any in the past. Election anxiety was exceptionally higher than ever before.
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In a recent survey, 52% of adults admitted it was a source of anxiety for them.

Crisis hotlines experienced a significant increase in calls pre- and post-election.

The Guardian, a British national daily newspaper, wrote about managing “Trump Anxiety”.They consulted with psychoanalysts to discuss election anxiety (1). What’s more, they indicated that world leaders shifted from a mentality where Trump being president “was funny” to “suddenly scary”. The Washington Post also echoed such sentiments, reporting that European leaders openly feared a Trump win (2).

The Chicago Tribune reported that more than half of Americans are afraid of Trump as he jeopardizes everything that they treasure in terms of civil rights (3). People fear that the poor are only going to get poorer, the sick are only going to get sicker, while the rich just get richer, leading to meager social determinants of the health of most Americans.

Americans, unhappy with Trump, are threatening to immigrate to Canada. The night of the election, millions tried to access Canada’s immigration department website and crashed the server.

President Trump of late authorized an executive order that sternly impedes immigration from seven Muslim countries. He has suspended all refugee entry for four months and has barred all Syrian refugees until further notice. This is being viewed as an anti-Muslim policy creating anxiety among the American population that is directly affected by this order.

Anti-sexual assault organization RAINN saw a 33% increase in calls to its crisis hotline after a tape of Trump boasting that he abused women sexually, ascended in October, 2016 (4).

Hillary Clinton indicated that a “Trump effect” is occurring across America, that teachers are noticing an increase in bullying in their classrooms as their students are subjected to a president who repeatedly threatens his rivals (5).

Trump has also advocated a free for all nuclear arms race in a world where every country is on its own.

Innumerable same-sex couples are worried that a Trump government will annul their marriages and parental rights.  

Trump is surrounding himself with futurists like Peter Thiel and Jim O’Neill, who openly favor scrapping clinical drug trials that currently ensure efficacy and safety, to allow patients to take medications at their own risk (6).

During his political crusade, Trump spent much of his time rabble-rousing the American people to loathe Obama-care (the Affordable Care Act), referring to it as “the absolute worst.”  To paraphrase The Atlantic Magazine ‘a full retraction of Obamacare would leave 19 million lower to middle-class people without medical insurance. Hence, America would have more people uninsured than any other developed country’ (7).

President Trump has nominated a pro-life judge to the Supreme Court, in hopes of overturning past pro-choice laws (8). This has grave outcomes for the mental and physical health of women. Making abortion illegal is meant to control women and restrict them to their traditional child-bearing role. Beware when desperate women resort to dangerous, sometimes deadly methods to end a pregnancy.

All this is creating an unprecedented amount of anxiety internationally. Worldwide, protests and petitions abound!

A number of petitions on Avaaz.org are calling for people to build a global movement to stop Trump’s Muslim ban and his threat to start a nuclear arms race. Furthermore, they rebuff  Trump’s bigotry, his call for torture and his total commendation of violence and denigration of women, Muslims, and Mexicans (9).

What are your biggest concerns about the Trump regime? Is it civil rights? Health? Poverty? War? The end of the world?  Share below.

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Kim is a Masters prepared RN who has worked virtually everywhere. Initially, she graduated from a 3-year Diploma Program at a local college. She then completed a BScN and a Masters of Nursing Degree. Currently, she is completing a post-graduate Diploma Program in Clinical Behavioural Sciences at McMaster University. She is a Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse through the Canadian Nursing Association. She has enjoyed working in pediatrics, neurosurgery, management, palliative care, cardiology, education and psychiatry. Presently, she works in an outpatient psychiatric clinic. She also enjoys writing and blogging on a variety of subjects.



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